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  • Amelia Borella – Malawi Wildlife Rescue Promo

    Amelia Borella – Malawi Wildlife Rescue Promo

    Listen to the latest promo I voiced for the Smithsonian Channel’s new series, Malawi Wildlife Rescue!

  • Working with TVA Management

    Working with TVA Management

    I’m super excited to add additional representation to my roster! I’m now working with Trailer Voice Artists! Brent Allen Hagel spearheads the operation and he has an incredible client list that I can’t wait to start working for! Have a look at TVA here- http://www.trailervoiceartists.com/ maybe Brent and his team can help you with your next project! […]

  • Promo Demo

    Promo Demo

    I have an incredible new promo demo produced and recorded by epic voice talent, director and producer, Roger Leopardi. Have a listen to it here!

  • VO for CBS

    VO for CBS

    Booked a fun gig through my promo & narration agent at CESD for CBS! Was able to work with the studio through my home studio and source connect.

  • California Food Expo VO

    California Food Expo VO

    Food is life! If music be the food of love, play on! Food, glorious food! Check out https://californiafoodexpo.com/ & then scroll down further to hear the VO I did for them! Try not to drool!