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  • Ongoing VO client

    Ongoing VO client

    Continuing my voiceover work with this latest digital ad for Is Clinical https://youtu.be/XPK832om7Gk

  • Narration Work

    Narration Work

    I am proud to be able to support Animal Equality by helping to voice their investigations into companies that abuse and exploit farm animals. Narration is definitely something I’m working on booking more of, whether it be for documentary films or tv show narration- I want to sink my teeth into more story telling.   […]

  • Working with TVA Management

    Working with TVA Management

    I’m super excited to add additional representation to my roster! I’m now working with Trailer Voice Artists! Brent Allen Hagel spearheads the operation and he has an incredible client list that I can’t wait to start working for! Have a look at TVA here- http://www.trailervoiceartists.com/ maybe Brent and his team can help you with your next project! […]

  • Painbloc24 Voice Over

    Painbloc24 Voice Over

    Found an ad I did not too long ago for Painbloc24. More of a tutorial, really, on how to apply the medication. Check it out here- https://youtu.be/rr1nzcWTIx8        

  • Voice Over for Covid 19

    Voice Over for Covid 19

    Voice over I did for Sydney Care regarding Covid 19.  

  • VO for CBS

    VO for CBS

    Booked a fun gig through my promo & narration agent at CESD for CBS! Was able to work with the studio through my home studio and source connect.

  • Bookings…tutorials, narration, demos…

    Bookings…tutorials, narration, demos…

    Recently been voicing several tutorials, a regional radio ad for a health center, a fun Christmas series for a southern church in which I get to do a British accent, demo reels for a potential commercial, as well as a digital ad for a new health related pharmaceutical! Lots of exciting projects to be voicing […]

  • Voice Over Narration for Animal Equality

    Voice Over Narration for Animal Equality

    Animal Equality is an organisation near & dear to my heart. Their vision & mission statement is as follows: Animal Equality’s vision is a world in which all animals are respected and protected. Animal Equality is an international organization working with society, governments, and companies to end cruelty to farmed animals. They encourage consumers to […]