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  • Ongoing VO client

    Ongoing VO client

    Continuing my voiceover work with this latest digital ad for Is Clinical https://youtu.be/XPK832om7Gk

  • Internet Ad for Stelara

    Internet Ad for Stelara

    Recent booking- an internet ad for Stelara called “Imperfect Date.” Have a listen!

  • Voice Over for PainBloc24

    Voice Over for PainBloc24

    Recorded a VO for PainBloc24! During the session, one of the account execs (or producers- honestly I’m not sure which one it was) called me “ a real pro.” I feel great about doing voice over as a full time profession; I truly enjoy bringing the “meaning to the message” using a client and producer’s […]

  • Filtrete spot booked!

    Filtrete spot booked!

    Recording a spot for Filtrete today! Happy to add them to my growing list of clients. Great to book jobs for clients whose products I respect.

  • Bookings…tutorials, narration, demos…

    Bookings…tutorials, narration, demos…

    Recently been voicing several tutorials, a regional radio ad for a health center, a fun Christmas series for a southern church in which I get to do a British accent, demo reels for a potential commercial, as well as a digital ad for a new health related pharmaceutical! Lots of exciting projects to be voicing […]