I’m listening to voice over artist-preneur-coach-podcaster, Marc Scott’s “voice over playbook” right now. I’ve had it for over a year and I still haven’t finished listening to all of the modules…:/

I felt compelled to stop in the middle of the “Mindset Matters” module to write this post because I’m so inspired by what he is talking about.

I have a really terrible outlook sometimes. I wouldn’t say I’m a miserable or a very unhappy person- at least not anymore, thanks to lexapro and acceptance. But I do think I need to change my narrative in order to grow in my life and I think we all know, that’s not the easiest thing to do.
I’m also not really a writer, so if you are reading this bear with me.

Basically he talks about how he worked to change his mindset and one of the things he made himself do was to write a blog post every night for a year and called it “One Good Thing.”  Every single day for a year, he wrote a blog entry about one good thing that happened to him that day. As he puts it, “it could’ve been a really great voice over job I booked that day or it could’ve been something bad simple as I found a really cool pen at Office Depot.”

So I want to stop everything I’m doing and recognise a few good things in my life that I am super grateful for.

Right now, I’m sitting in my Los Angeles apartment staring out the window at a gorgeous day. There is a bright pink Bougainville and deep purple morning glory that have climbed their way up to my window on the second floor and they are framing the outdoor view.

I sent my mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day which should be arriving today and I’m so thankful I have the resources to do that for her- to acknowledge her love and support in my life.

I had a dream about my father who passed away last year and even though it wasn’t a super happy dream, I feel happy that he visited me in my subconscious.

I just made myself a delicious plant based meal and followed that up with a great big glass of filtered water from the water filter I treated myself to earlier in the year.

These may seem like silly and simple things to be grateful for- but as we all well know- some people don’t have access to clean, running water, no animals were harmed when I ate my late breakfast and others are still dealing with cold, wet or rainy spring weather that may be bringing down their mood.

So today- I am grateful for more that one good thing. And I hope you take time to acknowledge the good things working for you.